June 13, 2017

Dears friends,

It’s been a WILD ride, but it’s time close this chapter of my life. Adalmar has been my refuge since I was a small child and blossomed into so many wonderful things in the past few years. But it’s time to move on. Today begins a new journey of healing and thriving as I venture out into the unknown. It’s been a pleasure serving in this capacity for so many years. I wish for you all peace, love, and a gentle walk upon this earth.


Nellie-Jean Grace Russell

Through all the years of pain and failure, it turns out that God was with her all along. He was always there, guiding her, while allowing her to feel all the birthing pains of her spiritual formation along the way. And although her path will always be filled with treacherous valleys, the peaks are on high. So she carries on, walking through the flames of life, her heart on fire with love. And she is a pilgrim.